About Us

Zech is a multi-label boutique in Raffles Place, specializing in branded handbags and leather goods, since 2006. Over

the years, we have been really blessed with the support of many customers working in the vicinity, many of whom are now

considered friends.


The idea of this online store was birth forth following a conversation with a regular customer whose new job has placed her away

from Raffles Place. She remarked that it would be so inconvenient for her to shop with us after she starts her new job, and how

nice it would be if we had an online store. This was back in 2011.


Anyway, here we are now… We hope this online store will enable many of our regular customers who are no longer working in

the Raffles Place area, to continue shopping with us with ease.


Enjoy shopping and do pop by at our boutique to say “hi” whenever you are in the vicinity. It has really been a privilege to have

your support for the past 9 odd years. God bless you always!